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Our names are Lena and Anders Lamkén, and we have a small kennel in Åsa, about 40 km south of Gothenburg, with breeding of Jack Russell Terrier in home environment . Our kennel is registered in the Swedish Kennel Club and in FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) and we completely follow their breeding policy.





We’re grown up with dogs and we had a lot of different breedings. Our kennel activity started in 1985 with breeding of English Cocker Spaniel. At the time we also had breeding of horses in a small scale. Our first Jack Russell we got in 1992, in connection with a horse buy. It was the short legged type of Jack Russell and the breed was not yet approved by the Swedish Kennel Club. The small, playful but tuff female captured our harts completely and since then there’s no other breed for us. Our three children were active riders and we went to a lot of horseshows with them and our dogs.






At the horseshows were always a lot of Jack Russells. There was a lot of variation in the looks, but you could always see that it was a Jack Russell and they all had the temperament of a terrier: tuff, playful, independent, active and unbelievable charming. The next Jack Russell to come to us was a male, who only confirmed our love to the breed even more. After that there came another female, this one with long legs.
In 1997 our daughter moved abroad to ride horses. Then we stopped all horse activity and completely concentrated on our dogs.

The summer of 2001 the breed got approved in the Swedish Kennel Club and it’s the Australian breed standard that should be followed. From 2002 to 2004 all Jack Russells that wanted to be registered in the Swedish Kennel Club could at some shows be examined to see if they followed the breeding standard.






                   "Ozzy" Bushwack´s Aussie Melbourne                                                   "Amie" Stjärnlidens Aussie Angeldool




We now felt that we wanted to be a part of building up the foundation for the breeding of the Swedish Jack Russell Terrier. So in 2002 we started looking for good breeding dogs. We bought a male (Bushwack´s Aussie Melbourne) with Australian parents and imported a full female (Mahkoolma Jack Mimi) from Australia. Mimi is mother to "Amie" Stjärnlidens Aussie Angeldool.
You can follow the development of our dogs here on our website.















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